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Mass Optimisation

Creative Copy

In-depth Reporting

User Optimised Notifications

User Optimised

Pushbase creates tailored notifications for each user. Through user profiling, Pushbase tailors many factors to maximise KPIs at deployment.

User segmentation allows highly focused notification delivery. If a user's frequent usage scenario is ‘4pm at work’, this is when Pushbase will deploy notifications.

Behaviour Based

Pushbase uses behavioural analytics to measure complex user journeys & provide insights into how users are using your platform. This allows tailored notifications to a chain of events based model.

Our team deals with the end-to-end integration of our push notification system. No technical expertise is required.

Creative Notification Copy

Your brand matters

Our service features copy curation by expert copywriters. Original, creative & relevant copy drives engagement and gains attention.

Seamless sign-off

Our bespoke platform requests client approval for each notification before deployment.

We understand the importance of brand image; this is why we have developed a seamless sign-off process allowing clients to provide feedback and approve notifications for release.

In-depth Statistical Reporting

Continuous Optimisation

Pushbase tracks and analyses the performance of every notification campaign.

Unlike many notification solutions, Pushbase provides dedicated account managers to personally work through data and trends.

This allows continuous insights and improvements based on data analysis. All data and reports are shared on a regular basis.

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